Guiding Principles Compliance (GPC) Overview

The Green Building Initiative’s® (GBI) Guiding Principles Compliance (GPC) is based on a site visit and detailed documentation review. A GBI-appointed third-party assessor verifies compliance and awards a compliance score and rating.


The Green Building Initiative’s (GBI) Guiding Principles Compliance (GPC) programs are the first independent assessment and rating programs enabling government agencies to determine levels of compliance with the Guiding Principles, resulting from Executive Order 13514. By assembling the myriad of federal compliance requirements into one program, GPC facilitates the process to improve the sustainability of federally owned, leased or operated buildings.

GPC sets the standard for accuracy, consistency, and credibility through a clear and simple yet robust third-party evaluation process. Our streamlined process and third-party assessors minimize agency personnel’s time and effort to determine the level of compliance with the Guiding Principles. In addition to recommending improvements prior to construction, assessors provide a final assessment at project completion. Hundreds of federal buildings have been assessed using the GBI GPC programs - now it’s your turn.


  • Third-party assessment with on-site verification of actual building characteristics and documentation by a sustainability expert
  • Simple all-in-one process
  • Third-party on-site assessment
  • Most efficient path to agency compliance