Certification Made Easier


Green Globes® is a science-based building rating system that supports a wide range of new construction and existing building project types. Designed to allow building owners and managers to select which sustainability features best fit their building and occupants, Green Globes recognizes projects that meet at least 35% of the 1,000 available points. Our custom-tailored approach helps you produce the most sustainable outcomes based on your building’s type and purpose.


With Green Globes’ cloud-based program, various project team members can personally access and upload information. This minimizes your coordination time and shares documentation tasks.


Green Globes offers the invaluable support of an expert dedicated to your project. Green Globes’ third-party assessors interface with project teams and building owners in real-time to create powerful partnerships. Skilled in green building design best practices, engineering, construction and facility operations, the assessors review documentation, answer questions, conduct on-site building assessments, and offer insightful suggestions to enhance sustainable practices.

Green Globes Rating