Christopher Shelton

Christopher Shelton is a career entrepreneur who has started and sold numerous businesses over his 24-year career. As the Chief Technology Officer for GBI, Chris brings extensive technology and business process experience from his former work as the CEO of, one of the first companies to pioneer the subscription-based, “Software as a Service” (SaaS) business model. He has also developed numerous technology solutions for the clients he served in both the public and private sectors. With each of his endeavors, Chris has leveraged his knowledge of the latest trends in technology and business, combined with industry best practices to ensure the success of his clients, as well as his own business ventures. A few of his former clients include the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Army, Pepsi Cola of India, and DARPA. During a rest period from his entrepreneurial endeavors, Chris also served the State of Maryland as the Deputy Chief Information Officer and Chief of Operations for the Department of Human Resources, the 8,500-employee human services branch of the state government. Chris has a long history and passion for non-profit service and is excited to apply his business and technology strategy experience to GBI’s technology solutions.

Chris holds an MBA from Loyola University in Maryland and a degree in Jurisprudence (Legal Philosophy) from the University of Baltimore in Maryland. Adding to his diverse skill set, he was admitted to the District and Circuit Courts of Maryland as a certified Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Mediator. Additionally, Chris is a published author, a Firefighter/EMT, and a licensed master-class Merchant Marine Captain. He recently completed his service to his country through the Maryland Defense Force where he achieved the rank of Captain in the 10th Medical Regiment. In his spare time, Chris enjoys sailing, cooking, athletics, skiing, and has traveled to over 70 countries.