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Green Globes® Sustainable Interiors Overview

Green Globes is a well-established green building guidance and assessment program that offers a practical and affordable way to advance the environmental performance and sustainability of a wide variety of building types. Green Globes for Sustainable Interiors (SI) was recently added as a rating system designed specifically for tenant improvement projects, fit-outs and remodels. This program is a smart alternative for rating and certifying sustainable designs due to these attributes:

  • A comprehensive environmental assessment protocol using accepted criteria
  • Best practices guidance for sustainable interiors, tenant improvements and operations
  • Evaluation of only the design measures that fall within an interior designer's or interior architect's scope of work
  • A practical and cost-effective approach using licensed, independent, third-party assessors with extensive green building expertise
  • Based on the only national consensus green building standard for new commercial construction, developed in 2010 by the Green Building Initiative and recognized by the U.S.  General Services Administration

Green Globes for Sustainable Interiors

Green Globes SI is a user-friendly tool that aids building owners, property managers and tenants in the evaluation, documentation, and improvement of the environmental performance of a leased space or interior remodel. This tool enables building teams to focus on sustainability, gives them options when considering capital improvements or implementation of best practices, and allows them to benchmark and rate the benefits of various building attributes and procedures. When combined with the third-party assessment process, Green Globes' value-added features provide a streamlined and affordable approach to assess the environmental sustainability of tenant improvements.

Environmental Assessment Areas

Green Globes SI addresses the same recognized areas of assessment as Green Globes for New Construction with the exception that it does not include the section on Site Impact. It is suitable for a wide range of commercial buildings, including large and small offices and retail stores and institutional buildings such as healthcare facilities, government buildings, schools, colleges and universities.

Green Globes SI ensures that environmental impacts are comprehensively assessed using a 1,000 point scale. The program covers six environmental assessment areas. Each area utilizes weighted criteria and an assigned number of points to quantify overall building performance and the use of best practices.


Assessment Area



Project Management


Integrated Design Process (IDP), Environmental Management During Construction, Environmental Purchasing, Commissioning



Energy Metering, Building Envelope, Lighting, Daylighting, HVAC Systems Controls, Plug Loads



Plumbing Fixtures, Residential & Commercial Food Service Fixtures & Equipment, Water Intensive Applications

Materials & Resources


Interior Fit-Outs (Including Finishes and Furnishings), Minimized Use of Interior Materials, Deconstruction and Disassembly, Waste, Building Service Life Plan, Reuse of Non-structural Elements



Integrated Pest Management, Leak Detection in Commercial Refrigeration, Janitorial Equipment

Indoor Environment


Ventilation, Source Control of Indoor Pollutants, Lighting, Thermal Comfort, Acoustics Comfort

Total Points 1000  

Eligibility Requirements

Unlike LEED, Green Globes has no prerequisites. There are only a few eligibility requirements, ensuring that a wide variety of interior spaces can undergo Green Globes assessment and certification.

Eligible Interior spaces must be:

  • Permanent and designed for occupancy.
    •  Not subject to mutable or periodic re-fits of less than one year
  • Contiguous within a single boundary.
    • Not a checkerboard group of offices with non-certified spaces in between
  • Conditioned.
  • Be at least 400 gross square feet in size.


Building Certification

A third-party assessment conducted by a GBI-trained assessor is required for a Green Globes SI rating and certification. Assessors with expertise in green building design, engineering, construction and facility operations interface with project teams and building owners during the assessment process by reviewing documentation, conducting site visits (optional for Green Globes SI), and creating comprehensive assessment reports. Certified projects are assigned a rating of one to four Green Globes, which is reflected in a certificate issued by the GBI. A plaque may be purchased for display in the project area.

Assessment & Certification Process

Green Globes SI follows a straight-forward assessment and certification process summarized below:

  • Request a quote for a third-party assessment and certification (if meeting the 35% minimum point threshold)
  • Order & complete the third-party assessment which may include document review and an optional on-site assessment
  • Receive a detailed report from the third-party assessor that contains a summary of achievements,  the preliminary Green Globes rating, and recommendations for future improvement
  • Receive a final certification for the project from GBI


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