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Green Building Programs

Green Globes® Personnel Certification Programs

Green Globes Personnel Certification Programs support the national adoption and growth of Green Globes by creating, maintaining, and growing a network of contracted individuals trained and authorized to support the assessment and certification process. Green Globes Professionals and Assessors play an important role in supporting building practices that result in energy-efficient, healthy, and environmentally sustainable buildings.

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Green Globes Professional (GGP): Certified GGPs are industry professionals trained in the Green Globes building assessment and certification process. They may serve as consultants on Green Globes projects, facilitating the building certification process and providing project management for their own clients.

The GGP program is entirely web-based and self-paced and has been approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for 5 LU/HSW continuing education credits. Plus, one training program covers all of the Green Globes modules, including New Construction (NC), Continual Improvement of Existing Buildings (CIEB), and CIEB for Healthcare Buildings (CIEB Healthcare). The training program includes:

  • The background, features, and major components of Green Globes
  • The organization of Green Globes criteria and point allocation
  • A detailed explanation of the Green Globes assessment and certification process

Learn more about the Green Globes Professional program:

Green Globes Assessor (GGA): Certified GGAs are technical experts in the areas of sustainable design, construction, energy, and facility management. GGAs must complete extensive training and are contracted by GBI to perform independent third-party assessments for Green Globes building projects.

The GGA program begins with GGP training (as outlined above) and builds upon that knowledge with additional training in:

  • Green Globes assessment methodology for New Construction and/or Existing Buildings
  • Conducting on-site assessments, including review of documentation and actual building features
  • Creating detailed, written reports based upon on-site assessments
  • Assessing for Green Globes CIEB Healthcare and/or Guiding Principles Compliance (optional)

Learn more about the Green Globes Assessor program:

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