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About The Green Building Initiative

Our Mission

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The Green Building Initiative (GBI) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to accelerate the adoption of building practices that result in energy-efficient, healthier and environmentally sustainable buildings by promoting credible and practical green building approaches for commercial construction.

Origin & Non-Profit Status

The GBI was originally conceived as a way to bring green building into the mainstream by helping local Home Builder Associations (HBAs) develop green building programs modeled after the National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB) Model Green Home Building Guidelines. While developing a strategic partnership with the NAHB, an opportunity emerged to bring a web-based, interactive learning tool developed in Canada to commercial builders in the United States. Near the end of 2004, the GBI finalized an agreement to bring the Green Globes® environmental assessment and rating tool into the U.S. market.

The GBI has benefited from the support of a core group of industries committed to advancing the green building movement by creating credible options for their mainstream builder customers. Organizations like the Wood Promotion Network, as well as interests from such sectors as financial services, retailers, wholesalers, appliance manufacturers and other building material providers have all stepped forward to support our efforts.

The GBI is governed by a multi-stakeholder board of directors featuring representatives from industry, NGOs, construction companies, architectural firms and academic institutions. Each board member has one vote, so no single entity or individual has more control than any other.

The Internal Revenue Service has determined that the Green Building Initiative is a nonprofit organization that is exempt from federal taxes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; the IRS Determination Letter can be reviewed here. Bylaws for the Green Building Initiative can be found here.